About Us

We make wild dense native forests that can take the form of a 100 year old forest in 10 years.

Together we can Rewild our Earth.



To create diverse native forests with best possible method suited to that particular environment.


To weave our ecological heritage of old native forests into people's lives.


To plant only native species and adhere to strictest standards of afforestation methodologies.

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Natural Forests.
Military Precision.

Dhartiamrit was started in 2016 by Retd. Marine Commando Onkar Singh. Since then we have been creating native wild forests, just the way nature intended them to be. We use Miyawaki Method of Afforestation from Japan and Dryland Forestry Method with added layers of ancient Indian wisdom introduced by Padmashree Shree Sundaram Verma ji.

Together we can rewild our Earth!

Our Team

We have in-house research capabilities for our research.

Our Projects are led by a team of experienced ex-Marine Commandoes.

Padmashree Sundaram Verma ji


Prabhu Singh Khangarot

Head of Operations

Rajiv Kumar

Head of Projects

Manvendra Singh Inaniya

Executive Director

Onkar Singh Shekhawat

Founder and Director

Rajveer Singh Khangarot

Project Officer

Mohan Meena

Site Attendant